New inputs this week: The Right Brain Hemisphere, and Spending time in Nature
Two forms of Humanism, both positive, but one with more Humility.
Symptoms of left brain tilts, individually and in a culture

January 2023

Starting a new series on inspiring and creative Renaissance Minds
How rebalancing the brain opens up the Renaissance Mind
Conditions, the Process, and Aims for a new Renaissance
Early Signs of a Hemispheric Rebalancing of the Culture, in 2023.
The Making of 100 videos about Dante, and McGilchrist's discussion about Asymmetry
Inspiration and Great Learning for the New Year

December 2022

Excellent College Course, and how to live against, vs. aligned with, yourself
Consequences of Vices and Virtues as mechanics, not "Judgement"
Two Examples of Brain Hemisphere Imbalances